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Are you ready to "Rightsize" your RV?  Trade it or sell it at BRV.

RV enthusiasts are always looking for a new adventure. Whether you would like top dollar for your trade-in or you hope to get the best price when selling you unit on consignment, our RV sales specialists can help.
Very open and easy process - we’ll give you the RV value and take care of all of the paperwork and payoffs.
We offer an exceptional price for your trade-in so you can afford the RV you have been dreaming of.
How does Bourbon RV Center handle a RV trade or consignment?

First, we need some details from you regarding your unit.  You can submit this information using the form below, or you can give us a call and tell us over the phone.  We should be able to give you a good estimate as to your RV's value. 

However, for the final value of your unit you will need to bring it to our dealership.  By doing so, we can thoroughly assess your RV and provide you with the most accurate value in just a few minutes.  We are committed to providing you with the best RV trade or sales consignment experience possible.
All types of trades are considered including, but not limited to, motorhomes and RVs, trucks, cargo trailers, tow dollies, boats, cars, motorcycles, etc.
Pickup service is available.