RV Meal Tips to Save You Time, Space, and Money

Summer is right around the corner – if you’re like us, you’re already planning your camping trips in your new or used RV.

One thing to give some purposeful planning to is your meal plan. The food budget is something that’s easily overspent if you don’t head into your camping trip with a meal plan in mind. Here are a few RV meal tips to help you make the most of your food budget, time, and space in your RV.

Share Ingredients

When planning your camping recipes and meals, try to pick things that have several ingredients in common. This allows you to buy fewer ingredients – ultimately saving you money. It also allows you to purchase quantities that are also more cost-efficient.

RV Meal Tips

Advance Prep Work

Another handy RV meal tip is to prep what you can in advance. Once you have that ground beef for four different meals using the above tip, divvy it up and combine the ingredients for individual meals in advance. You can do this for everything from soups to sauces to marinades! Simply combine the things that can be pre-assembled in food storage bags, then lay flat to freeze.

RV Meal Tips

This can save you a pocketful of cash because all you have to do to prepare supper once camping is pull it out of the freezer after breakfast. The majority of your prep work is already done – so you won’t find yourself at the end of the day turning to the option of eating out because you’re just too tired to cook anything.

Share Tools

You can actually cut back on the weight you’re packing along in your new or used RV – as well as saving space – by taking a good look at the kitchen tools you’re bringing with you. You probably don’t need a full set of pots and pans, measuring cups and spoons, and mixing bowls. Look at your recipes and figure out which tools you’ll actually need (and which ones you can leave behind because you did all that advance prep). If you like your chilis and stews, bring along a slow cooker, but it’s safe to leave the slow cooker at home if you won’t be fixing those recipes during the summer.

RV Meal Tips

Kitchen and cookware can add a lot of weight to what you’re hauling, which in turn impacts your fuel economy. Save space and weight – and subsequently money – by only packing along what you need.

One of the best ways to save money on meals while camping is by traveling in an RV that has the right kitchen amenities for your needs – and with a financing plan that’s right for your budget! We have new and used RVs for sale with all kinds of kitchen configurations, from luxury chef’s kitchens to minimalistic galley kitchens to fully loaded exterior kitchens.

RVs with Bunkhouses

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